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Free Digital Certificates

Free digital certificates are available for download on several websites. Digital certificates are electronic files of certificates given in recognition of various events or accomplishments. such as recognition for outstanding performance, the successful completion of an assignment, reaching a milestone such as a number of years of service or retirement, and numerous other events that define lifetime. Digital certificates are created online with editable templates.

There are several websites that offer editable digital certificate templates. You can select one of these templates and modify the colors, text, position of components, logos, and other components of the template to create a certificate that is exactly what you need to convey your wishes to the recipient. Then, you can download the edited certificate to your computer as a png or pdf file for subsequent printing and mounting in a form suitable for presentation.

Cost depends on the website offering the digital templates. Some websites, such as Etsy, charge a small fee to download the editable template, e.g., From about $2 to $10. However, there are other websites where you can choose from hundreds of certificates that are equally suitable which are FREE. Our favorite website is Some examples of Canva editable templates can be seen at Editable Template Examples on the top menu.

On template websites, you are provided with a large selection of thumbnails of potentially suitable certificates. Just click on the certificate of interest, modify it as you wish and download the edited certificate.  Files can be saved as PDF, PNG or JPEG files.  PDF and PNG files of at least 300 DPI are preferred when you want us to print and frame the certificate.